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At Urban Oasis your basic massage
will include heated tables, hot towels
and aromatherapy.
Your personal needs will be tended to
as your therapist combines a variety of
appropriate techniques to facilitate
your wellness.
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Integrative Massage Menu

60 minutes:                  $80
75  minutes:                  $95
90 minutes:                  $110
120 minutes:                 $150

Sustained Deep Tissue: Add $15 hour


Specialty Massage Menu


Serious Stress Relief: Begin to slow down with an aromatherapy foot soak and
herbal tea, then sink into full relaxation with therapeutic focus in this complete massage package. Includes hot stones, foot scrub, reflexology, and facial massage
using organic luxurious facial products.

2 hours and 15 minutes: $215


Me Time: Escape from routine with this most satisfying combination of facial and
body massage tailored to your relaxation and therapeutic needs.

105 minute service: $150


Great Getaway: Drift away during this full body massage which includes
a focused and luxurious foot scrub and foot massage.

105 minute service: $145


Foot Fancy: Settle into an aromatherapy foot soak, sip on herbal tea, then recline
for a sugar scrub and thorough foot massage.

60 minute service: $90


Facial Massage: This mind easing massage service includes the arms, neck, scalp
and face. Choose your preference from our organic products. Does not include skin assessment or treatment

45 minute service: $75


Reflexology: This satisfying foot and hand treatment stimulates every system and
organ in the body for relaxation and general wellness.

40 minute service: $60


Tandem Massage: Our cozy space is perfect for a shared massage experience with
no extra expense. Call in advance for best availability.

*See prices under your chosen service


Our Retreat Time: Tandem Massage Add On
Make your shared massage an extra special occassion with this delightful upgrade.
Prior to the massage service of your choice ease into your relaxing getaway seated
side by side, soothing your feet in an aromatherapy foot bath, indulging your taste
buds with sparkling cider and sweet treats.

15 minute upgrade: Per couple $75

Energy Somatics: Take your massage to a more holistic level. With this therapeutic, relaxing experience increase fluid movement and balance in the joints, blood, lymph, muscles, and energy body: chi, meredians and chakras.


Day Retreats: Periodically we will host afternoon retreats. Experience a variety of healthy fun activities, meet wellness practitioners in the area and receive bodywork.
Check out our specials and events page for details.

3-6 hours: $100 - $300



Add Ons

Sugar Scrub:    $15

Clay Mask:    $15

Foot Soak:    $20

Hot Stones:    $15

Essential Oils: Add pure therapeutic grade essential oils to your massage cream for single use or buy a jar to take home. View our Essential Oils.

$3 - $30


Guided Meditation & Breath: Meditation begins with quiet concentration.
Develop more self awareness by noticing and controlling your breath, observing the different sensations between muscle contraction and relaxation.  Let your thoughts empower your body's natural ability to heal.

15 minute upgrade $20


Gift Certificates: Rest and relief is a welcome and valued gift.



Ask about the following

Lymphatic Massage
Cranio-Sacral Balancing
Pregnancy Massage
Clothing on Massage
Infant Massage



Services & Add Ons
Self Care
Specials and Events
Art Boutique