Regular Massage Brings Lasting Results

Your Urban Oasis awaits

 Leave the  rush of the day behind as you are enveloped by the welcoming Urban Oasis  ambiance; warmth, aromas and soothing music. Your integrative massage service will include heated tables, hot towels, and aromatherapy.  We promote holistic healing and wellness by offering  bodywork, self-care information, resources, tools and activities. In our  cozy urban sanctuary our clients will find wellness professionals,  fine art and inspiration.

Our commitment to sustainability and non toxic footprint

We use 100% natural, organic or wild  crafted oils and creams for your body and for laundry and cleaning we  use only earth friendly non toxic products.

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Our Team

Kenna Allen

 My specialty is an integrative approach that focuses on your  needs.  I  combine a variety of techniques and generally you will  receive some  combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Energy Somatics.  I am an artist;  a painter and massage therapist and life coach.  With  over 10 years of dedication to Urban Oasis I am  committed to holistic wellness in principal and seek to guide myself and my community toward a  balanced approach to health that recognizes  the need for physical,  emotional and spiritual or energetic nurturing.  

I have a BFA in Art and Healing from John F Kennedy University.
I  hold certificates in energy massage therapy and holistic life coaching  from the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts.  My deep gratitude to teachers Patricia Crammer and David Ross.

CAMTC #72432

Gricelda Hernandez

Gricelda entered the field of massage therapy with the intention of supporting her mother in recovery after surgery and was able to provide her with pain management as well as a pleasurable and generally nurturing experience.  She  is skilled in a variety of techniques, incorporates a full  range of pressure from light energy work to deep tissue as you prefer.   She is passionate about and committed to this work of contributing to  the well being of others. If you are looking for a  therapist who understands that we are more than meets the eye, that  muscle manipulation will assist you in developing more personal and  holistic awareness of yourself, both your strengths and areas in need of  relief, who is intuitive and open to feedback, an appointment with  Gricelda is waiting for you!